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Dear Brethren of the Province of Bristol, 

As you will no doubt have seen, we have erected the Christmas Tree (s) in Freemasons Hall and we hope you will be able to assist us in getting the word round to all your Members. We need all the help we can get, to enable us to deliver decent Christmas Presents to as many Children as we can, who otherwise will get very little if anything on Christmas Day.

In the past, and this is the “31st year” we have been doing this Appeal, all the Brethren / Companions who attend Park Street have been so generous. In the week before Christmas we shall be hoping to deliver at least two or more bags of presents to each of the fourteen or so, Women’s Aid Refuges (many these days with different names but all doing same job) and other worthy causes, we try to help each year. They all inform us that we are the only organisation who actually gives them new and wrapped presents, which is fantastic, as the children know that, that present is for them not a hand me down from someone else. (Please don’t get me wrong other pre used gifts are very welcome as well.)

Plus we are also able to deliver toiletries, warm clothing, towels, children’s underwear, and presents for the mums as well. Some have to leave home in an emergency with NOTHING, so anything you can donate is very much appreciated. (Yes knickers, underwear and even packets of sanitary towels etc. etc.)

All you need do is wrap a present and indicate what it is for, i.e.; - “B4 = Boy of four years of age” or “G7 = Girl of seven years of age” or “YM = Young Mother” etc.

 Virtually anything you can afford to give will be appreciated. We also make sure that any warm clothing such as socks, jumpers etc. for older people, goes to “Caring at Christmas”, to help those who are on the streets at this time of year.

If you cannot get a present then a small donation in the collection bottle in front of the tree, will be very much appreciated. This will enable us to help those who have nothing at Christmas. Sometimes it’s to pay “for a taxis” so the Women’s Aid Volunteer’s can get a mother and child (or children) out of an abusive situation and into a Refuge for their safety. We do not deliver until Christmas Week (the last minute) when they need our help badly. The residue goes to Local Children’s Charities.

PLEASE HELP US, as so many of you have done in the past. We will be doing our deliveries to those who need our help on the 20th to 24th December with the message;-


You will get no thanks, but a warm glow for having done something at this time of year for someone who desperately needs it.   (Mind you the letters and cards we receive after Christmas do go a long way to telling us, your generosity is greatly appreciated.

I thank you in anticipation of your generosity. We could not do this Appeal without your help.

W.Bro.Tony Rance
Organiser of The 31st Annual Christmas Tree Appeal