Ask The Province

In these interesting times we know there are a lot of questions people in the community have about freemasonry. We are providing a series of questions and answer sessions to help address those questions and the issues that may be raised by them.  The first part of this process is for you to ask any question you want an answer to about freemasonry in general or in Bristol – no question is ‘off limits’ and we undertake to answer honestly and openly.

There are several ways you can submit your questions.   The easiest is to use the Slido app below. Here you can see the questions that have already been asked and ‘like’  any you feel are also important as we will respond in order of the greatest number of ‘likes.’  If you have your own question you can add it yourself.  

If you have problems viewing the widget below you can go to directly and use the event code #POBASK

You can also email your questions in to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We will review the questions that have been submitted and will get answers where possiable.