Movember, the result


They think it’s all over...

We grew some Mos and saved some Bros whilst at the same time, the brethren, families, friends and colleagues in the Province of Bristol supported us to help raise a mahoosive TWENTY THOUSAND, ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY FIVE POUNDS for the Movember Foundation - an international charity targeted to increase awareness and improve the diagnosis and treatment of Prostate Cancer, Testicular Cancer, Mental Health and Suicide Prevention.  

The sponsorship support really took off after the Prostate Disease Awareness event, and our fundraising successes quickly snowballed.  Only a week ago, we were celebrating having reached £12,000 and now here we are, closing our books on the event with £20,175 banked for the charity, with a significant additional amount from gift aid to be added by the Treasury.  
The further great news is that we have finished in 7th place for fundraising on the UK leaderboard.  There are some big hitting financial organisations ahead of us, but many more below us, so we can all be collectively proud that, once again, the Province of Bristol has demonstrated its commitment to charitable works and given a good account of ourselves as Masons in the wider community.  
A big thank you to everyone who has sponsored us and supported this bit of silliness over the last month;
to Tony G and the bar staff, for their continued messaging and fundraising efforts throughout the month; 
to the senior provincial officers in the Craft, Mark and Royal Arch for supporting, promoting and actively participating in our team; 
to the comms team, for helping us to spread the word; 
to Richard Blacker, who continues to coyly refuse to take any credit for the fact that all of this was his brainchild in the first place;
to our spouses and partners for putting up with our appearance over the 30 days of Movember;
and finally to the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, those hirsute heroes, that were and are the “Bristol Province Mo Bros” - Mo the Force be with you.  Always.


Dr Jonathan Hayes
Clinical Chair
NHS Bristol, North Somerset & South Gloucestershire CCG