The Matthew Tree Update

The Freemasons of Bristol have been busy supporting a local charity, The Matthew Tree Project (TMTP). Here is the story in pictures so far …

October 2019

Mark Goodway, CEO delivering the TMTP food collection basket and Richard Lewis presenting a cheque for £1000.00 at Freemasons Hall, Bristol.

November 2019

Chris Cook from St Nicholas Lodge started volunteering in TMTP Warehouse. His role includes collecting donated food from baskets in supermarkets (see picture) as well as driving to Brakes, Portbury to collect fresh fruit and vegetables on a weekly basis.

December 2019

Chris Williams, Mike Parsons and Bob White from the Bailey Lodge visit the TMTP warehouse bringing with them a trolley full of essential supplies to the value of £50.00, fundraised at their lodge Christmas dinner. Photographed above with Amy Sinclair, Logistics Manager and Michelle Dron, Chief Operating Officer. 

January 2020

Mike Whitworth, Provincial Charity Steward and Chris Cook visit Filwood Centre, Knowle, where the clients receive support and collect their weekly food parcels. Graham Pegg, Richard Lewis and Creagh Warren also attended. Photograph is with Sue Brooks, Filwood Manager. 

February 2020

Weekly donations continue as pictured above with cash injections ranging from £5 - £100.00 from individuals and lodges.

March 2020

This month we must thank everyone for the following items, jars of mayonnaise, a considerable amount of biscuits, cereals, a large selection of crisps and nuts and the list goes on. A special thank you to Freddy (Resident Chef), who swiftly diverted fruit and veg set for a lunchtime event called off because of the Coronavirus to TMTP.

Which brings us up to date (end of March), when Mike Whitworth collected 50 boxes of liquor chocolates from the warehouse. These chocolates were then grouped into small bunches with a TMTP logo and were used to play games of heads and tails. This proved to be a huge success and a grand total of £545.00 was raised. This was then match funded by a very generous Mason bringing the total to £1090.00. This will come to TMTP in the form of food as well as much needed funds to fix one of their fleet vehicles, integral to running important food deliveries. 
The generosity outlined above by Bristol Masons has been integral in supporting Bristol City’s most vulnerable people who are in crises more than ever and The Matthew Tree Project are most grateful.