A message from the Provincial Charity Stweard

"But my Brother, you are not called upon to expend your time or your money to the injury of yourself, your family or connections"

Brethren, we live in strange times, the pandemic affects us all, and there’s nothing certain about the future for us as individuals or as families, whether it’s job security or health.
As Provincial Charity Steward one of my tasks is to encourage your support of local charities and communities through your Lodge Charity Stewards, but much as I’d like to ask you all to give, and give again, today’s reality doesn’t make that possible for all. 
How many of us ever thought a time could come when that sentence, delivered to us as candidates by the Worshipful Master, could possibly apply to us or our ability to provide relief and consolation to others in need?  Or that “as far as your means will allow” would have a real significance. 
If your means will allow you to expend your time or your money then it will be thankfully received and properly applied.  But don’t let peer pressure or pride lead you to offer help or support if you know you can’t afford to; no one will judge you on what you can or cannot afford to give.


Finally, a Thank You:
Since June this year, your donations have funded 42 pallets and 27 trolleys for the ‘Sponsor-a-Pallet’ & ‘Fill-a-Trolley’ schemes, supporting the Matthew Tree Project and localised small food banks.  These schemes will be ongoing and you will see occasional reminders about them. 
Keep safe, and keep well
Yours sincerely and fraternally          

Mike Whitworth
Provincial Charity Steward
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