Contacting the comunications team

The communications team covers the Bristol standard, the Provincial website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, use the link below to submit an articale or promote a masonic event happening in your lodge.

Article Submission

Do you have something that might be of interest to others?  This can include an upcoming lodge event, charity work that’s been carried out by your lodge or any noteworthy event, we would love to hear from you.

Any write up about what’s happened or happening that gets sent through to the Social Media team will be checked for grammar and content but not fact checked, this will be your responsibility so make sure what you send in is accurate, factual and, most important, interesting!  It’s your event after all, you know what’s relevant. Also, it’s always good to supply a picture or two to accompany an article, as they say a picture paints a thousand words.

There are a couple of key things to remember.

If you are supplying photos, please make sure that anyone in them knows that they could be used for social media purposes and are happy to be in them.
You only mention names of people who are happy for their name to be mentioned.

If you’re sending an item through to the Social Media team you could also consider sending though for printing in the Bristol Standard.  Lots of our Brethren are still a fan of the printed word so bear this in mind when you submit your piece. 

If you run your lodge’s own social media account don’t forget to tag the province in as well so we can all share in your activities. Also let us know your social media accounts tags so we can add them onto the website so others can find your lodge.  For information a tag is going to be your lodge Twitter handle starting with @.  If your submission has a relevant hashtag (#) or link to a wider audience, include this.  We may need to amend slightly to fit the confines of a tweet so also bear this in mind when submitting.






Remember social media is dynamic and constantly changing medium and without fresh content it can get stale quickly so fresh and relevant content is always welcome.

All submissions are subject to amendment/adaption to fit the relevant platform it is being posted to.  These amendments will not be notified and the discretion of the comunications Team in the posting of relevant data is final.