Craft Masonry

All Freemasons begin their masonic journey by joining "the craft", by gradually being initiated, passed and raised into the three degrees of Craft Masonry.  

During these three rituals, the candidate is taught about the lessons we learn in life through allegory and symbolism, which enables us to improve our own morality. 

Symbolism can be found all around the lodge room; however in our teachings this is mainly offered from the manual tools of stonemasons, such as the square and compasses, the level, plumb rule, the trowel, among others - A moral lesson is attached to each. 

In the First Degree, the candidate enters into a New World, as if being born for the first time. He leaves the darkness for the light and warmth of a new existence. Deprived of goods and riches to begin a new career in which the foundations are laid in order to receive duties, rights and privileges.  

The Fellowcraft Degree or Second Degree, symbolizes the stage of adulthood and responsibility during a man's life on earth. In this stage, his task is to acquire knowledge and apply it to the building of his character and improving the society in which he lives. A Fellowcraft Mason is urged to advance his education and instructed to observe Liberal Arts and Sciences in order to develop and perfect the mental nature.   

The Third and Final Degree of a Master Mason is the pinnacle of craft masonry.  It is the culmination of all that has been taught to the candidate in the two preceding ceremonies.  At this point his physical nature has been purified and developed to a high degree.  He has developed stability, his mental faculties have sharpened and his horizons have been expanded. 

The Bristol Workings of the Craft are unique. Although the ceremonies have the same meaning, they are performed different to that of the standardised workings (emulation), which attracts visitors from around the world.

The Province of Bristol consists of 37 Craft Lodges - all strive to perform the three degrees of Craft masonry to the highest standards. Ritual books are banned during our ceremonies and therefore each degree is performed by memory.

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