The Dunkerleys

The Club: A social club for all junior brethren who can share friendship and fellowship as well as have some fun with other like-minded Masons.

Aim: To allow junior Freemasons to come together offering the opportunity to meet new friends and share experiences. 

Membership: Open to any Bristol Freemason who is a current member of a Bristol Craft Lodge and not yet reached a provincial rank.

Club Events: Informal social get-togethers, group trips to Lodges and other sites of Masonic interest, to encourage their involvement within the fraternity. Aside from social functions, the Club acts as a representative body for the views of the younger generation of Freemasons. These views and further suggestions from Brethren within the Club are then referred to Provincial Grand Lodge through the appropriate channels.

For more information please contact the Club Secretary:-
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'The Dunckerleys' Two Years On

As we approach the Tercentenary of United Grand Lodge 1717 -2017, it will also be the second birthday of the Province of Bristol's Light Blues Club - ‘The Dunckerleys’.

The club was envisaged by our PGM and brought to fruition in 2015. It was created for new masons (less than 5 years) and/or young masons (under 40) with a view to encouraging these members of the fraternity to form a network to support each other and for the group to encourage fraternal visits both in and outside the province.

It is with great pleasure to say the Dunckerleys continues to grow and become ever more involved in the province. In the past year the club was delighted to be able to support the PGM at Provincial Grand Lodge by providing the escort officers for those brethren receiving honours, promotions and appointments. Following the meeting the members were able to share some time together over a drink and discuss both the day's events and events that members would like to take place within the coming months. Events discussed were as varied as the Bristol Harbour Festival and the now famous Bristol Dragon boat race. As a result of the discussions the Dunckerleys have been supporting the province at the Bristol Harbourside Festival (BHF) this year with a number of the brethren volunteering to cover either the morning or afternoon of the Saturday or Sunday. Following the Sunday event a few members were able to get together with some of their partners, review the weekends events and hope that as a result will be seeing some new members to the province and to the Dunckerleys.

The events that the Dunckerleys have enjoyed have been many and varied in the last two years. They have enjoyed a guided tour around Bath Masonic Hall, the home of one of the first theatres in the city followed by lunch. Visits have also included Filton Lodge of Fortitude in the Province of Gloucestershire and several of our own Bristol lodges. In the coming months many members are looking forward to W.Bro Tony Baker's oration on “Masonry by Degrees” in which they hope to find out more about many of the other Orders and a little more about their history.

As Freemasonry celebrates it's 300th year, we must look forward to the next 100 years, in which perhaps we will see more changes than we have in the previous 300, but one thing is sure, the Dunckerleys members, current and those yet to join will be key to the continuation of our organisation.

If any of these activities are of interest to you, or you would like to support our Province more and you are new to Masonry, irrelevant of your age, or you would just like to find out more, please contact the club secretary by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Chairman: Bro. F Clark

Secretary: Bro P Carpenter

Treasurer: WBro. P Constant

Social Secretary: Bro. L Bushby