As we return to more normal working at Freemasons Hall, Park Street, there is a need to recruit new casual Bar Staff to work for Adam and Anita and Waiting Staff in the Restaurants working for Fredy.

This is an ideal opportunity for sons and daughters or friends of Members, who may be studying locally or looking for some part-time work.


Freemasons Hall - Covid Protocols

Dear Brethren,

As you know, the Prime Minister removed a number of Covid restrictions with effect from 19th July.

Whilst these changes are welcome, the safety and health of our members, guests and staff remain an absolute priority.

To that end, we would ask that you support the protocols we will have in place until 30th September. These measures will hopefully allay any concerns that members may still have and therefore encourage them to visit Freemasons’ Hall, Park Street, once again.

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Recently, Colin Lowther has joined Clark Iles, Chris Coleman and myself (Members of The St Nicholas Lodge) also Mike Whitworth (Robert Thorne Lodge) working for The Matthew Tree Project as volunteers....Since joining, Colin has taken on the responsibility as Allotment Coordinater and Chief Gardener for the Charity....The Allotment is situated at Talbot Road, Brislington, there are 190 Plots on the Council owned site and Colin has at least 10 of these in his care, including the contents of a very large walk through Polly Tunnel, which will need to be restocked  and maintained.

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Freemasons Hall - Covid Protocols an update

Dear Brethren,

Following the removal of Covid restrictions by HM Government on the 19th of July 2021 and the guidance received from the United Grand Lodge of England, several Protocols were put in place by The Province of Bristol to be observed by everyone using Freemasons Hall, Bristol.

These protocols are intended to ensure the continuing safety and health of our members, guests and staff and they remain a priority. These measures are intended to allay any concerns that members may have, whilst encouraging them to visit Freemasons' Hall, Park Street, once again.
Initially the protocols were envisioned to remain in place until 30th September 2021, however, to ensure that the Executive Members of the Province of Bristol maintain their duty of care to everyone using the premises, these protocols will continue in their prese not format until the 31st of October and will be reviewed monthly thereafter .  

• All public areas, as well as hard surfaces such as stair handrails and door handles, etc. will be sanitised every day after every meeting using a fogging machine. This is an apparatus similar in many respects to that used by public transport operators such as rail and aircraft companies, during turn-around times.

• This may mean that on occasions when morning/afternoon meetings abut evening meetings there may be a slight delay to allow entry to the building .

• This is to ensure that the fogging  procedure is undertaken, effectively. Hence the reminder that the doors to Freemasons Hall will open at 5pm unless a request is made to the Hall Managers in exceptional circumstances.

• Freemasons' Hall has undergone a professional deep clean throughout the building.

• Face masks may be worn when entering Freemasons' Hall and until you reach the bar, cloakroom, or Lodge room.

• Please sanitise your hands upon arrival and use the sanitising stations which will be placed throughout the building.

• Mobile bars will be available in dining rooms 1 and 2 and may be manned by Lodge / Chapter Members following liaison with the Hall Manager 

• At the Downstairs Bar and when Bars in the Dining Rooms are manned by the Hall Bar Staff - Contactless payment is preferred.

• Remember - Access to Freemasons' Hall will be from 5pm onwards and the bar will be open from 5.30pm.

Please remember, if you have any of the main Covid symptoms (loss of taste or smell, high fever, a new or continuous cough) please stay at home and seek a PCR test.


The Executive seek your continued support of these measures that will now remain in place until 31st October and will be extended if necessary, subject of monthly reviews. 

A number of points outlined in the special edition of First Rising, issued on 13th July, still apply, and are repeated here for convenience: 

1.    In holding Lodge and Chapter meetings it is essential that Brethren and Companions comply with all legal requirements from time to time in force. 

2.    Provided that they do so, it is not UGLE’s policy to impose restrictions on meeting beyond those required by the law. 

3.    No pressure must be applied to anyone either to attend or refrain from attending meetings. 

4.    The same principle applies to the wearing of face coverings, which should be regarded as a matter of personal choice and is advisory as opposed to being mandatory. 

5.    The use of the modifications to the ceremonies, should cease as soon as is practicable, except in relation to such matters as social distancing. 

6.    The ceremony of Raising (and of Exaltation in the Royal Arch) is once again permitted. 

7.    It is nonetheless sensible to ensure that a candidate for any degree, and that of initiation, is made aware that the ceremony he will undergo will involve a measure of physical contact, so that he can make his own decision as to whether to proceed with it at this time. 

8.    Regulations 5 to 11 of the Temporary Emergency Measures for Covid-19 remain in force, to the extent that they are needed, until 31st December 2021, or such earlier date as the Grand Master or the Pro Grand Master on his behalf shall direct.