Bristol Waste Company ‘Thank You’ Event

Bristol Masons in the Community, Bristol Waste Company ‘Thank You’ Event

Having organised and taken part in two Brisrol Waste Company community Litter Picks, Bristol Masons were invited to a ‘Thank You’ event for all the organisations that have been taking part in litter picking around the streets and parks of Bristol. Pete Neale and  Mike Whitworth attended the event on behalf of the Province. It was hosted by Jason Eldridge, Operational Director at the Bristol Waste Company and presented by the Mayor of Bristol, Marvin Rees. There were several presentations by some of the organisations and individuals and the work carried out in the Community by these volunteers was tremendous.

There were around 200 attendees from groups of enthusiastic volunteers from all over Bristol and a great evening for networking with these community groups. Bristol Waste held a presentation of the top ten groups or individuals and their stories were truly inspiring. These people showed that they realy cared for the area where they lived, their community and the environment. A number of examples stood out, the “Friends of Castle Park” , “St George in Bloom” led by Grenville Johnson, and Ben Barker of “Bettering Bedminster”.

We had an opportunity to display and explain the activities in which the Bristol Masons have become involved in the Community.

It was an honour to be involved in the event and we hope to expand our Masonic involvement throughout next year. We appear to have adopted the Riverside Park as our Litter Picking focus area but would welcome proposals from other Brethren to target areas that would benefit from a clean up by Masons in the Community. If you know of areas that we could ‘clean up’ or wish to be involved in forthcoming events please contact Pete Neale WM Jerusalem 686 or Mike Whitworth WM Robert Thorne 3663

Peter Neale – Jerusalem 686 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mike Whitworth  - Robert Thorne 3663 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.