Corona Advice

Brethren, I am sure that you will have already received huge amounts of information on the Corona Virus and this message is simply to offer two pieces of advice, for the benefit of us all.

First, if you are feeling under the weather – stay at home and wait until you feel better. I appreciate that a large number of Bristol masons would “not want to let the team down” by not attending, particularly those in office. However, until the crisis has died down, please follow the advice and I am sure that all Lodges will cope.

Second, please be extra vigilant in washing your hands. I suggest that on arrival at Freemason’s Hall you wash your hands – hot water and soap – and then repeat at least once more during the evening.

I do not want to be over-prescriptive but these two simple points recognise the potential threat of the virus and the part that we should play in dealing with it.

Thank you brethren.

Jonathan M W Davis
Provincial Grand Master