Recently, Colin Lowther has joined Clark Iles, Chris Coleman and myself (Members of The St Nicholas Lodge) also Mike Whitworth (Robert Thorne Lodge) working for The Matthew Tree Project as volunteers....Since joining, Colin has taken on the responsibility as Allotment Coordinater and Chief Gardener for the Charity....The Allotment is situated at Talbot Road, Brislington, there are 190 Plots on the Council owned site and Colin has at least 10 of these in his care, including the contents of a very large walk through Polly Tunnel, which will need to be restocked  and maintained.

Last Autumn the site was left unattended, so, over a six month period, nature has definitely taken hold with a vengeance.

Colin’s first visit was to inspect the site and prepare a plan of action. Working with a small group of Green Fingered helpers, it was obvious that weeding and a general tidy-up was priority....Planting of any sort was complety impossible, as the ground had become so hard and over a quick email to Bristol Lodge Members for some assistance was needed, A Rotavator and driver soon arrived (Roger Sims and his wife) and the earth soon became workable again....Over the next last few weeks Colin and Friends started planting and sowing seeds, I have been well informed that ALL, are doing extremely well....Colin has received a wonderful selection of various Green produce, potted and ready to plant....some supplied by our very own, WM Ken, from his “Luxurious” Green House in Chepstow.... Door to Door deliver service as well....would you belive it.

The transformation of the Allotment and Polly Tunnel since Colin started working there, has been appsolutly Astonishing !!!....With careful maintenance and watering next ,most of the hard Backbreaking labour in now over....Time now to reap the benefits of all the long hard hours of Labour.

When the F&V is ready to be picked or dug up later this year, Colin will supervise the transportation of the produce....It will be taken to the Charity’s Warehouse in Lawrence Hill and distributed to their clients on the same day....Really Fresh....Wonderful !!!

Colin, Who lives on his own, has found this last period of Lock Down a little easier than the other two, as he has been able to get out of the house and enjoy Gardening in the fresh air....One of his favourite pastimes.

He just can’t wait until July when a Brand New Garden Shed is being delivered, so all the garden equipment can be stowed away and somewhere to hide when it rains.

As a good friend of Colin’s, I can assure you....That he has enjoyed every minute of his visits to Talbot Road and is very proud of his achievements, he is now looking forward to the future....And many more hours of Happy Gardening....And all is down to the Conscientiousness of a Gentleman, who was born in....1935 and will celebrate his Birthday on May 23rd.