Latest Advice RE Omicron Covid Virus Protocols

Dear Brother Secretary and Companion Scribe Ezra,
Please ensure the following is disseminated to all your Members. 

We are now all aware that a new variant of Covid has emerged (– the OMICRON Variant), that has caused Central Government to issue new guidance with a view to reducing as much as possible the spread of the new virus.

Likewise UGLE has issued guidance which all members should have received yesterday via the First Rising messaging system.

In addition the PROVINCE OF BRISTOL have issued the latest Protocol as follows:-

  • All Members are advised to take a Lateral Flow Test prior to each visit to Freemasons Hall – this is advisory not mandatory.
  • If a Member feels unwell it is advised that you stay at home and advise the Secretary of the Lodge / Scribe E of your Chapter by tendering your apology
  • Upon entry to FMH everyone is asked to use the sanitiser situated by the front door of the building.
  • It is recommended that Masks be worn whilst in the building including the Lodge and Chapter Rooms, Committee Rooms etc. the only exceptions being whilst drinking in the bar and eating in  the dining rooms.
  • Where possible social distancing of 3 feet (1 metre) is advised but is dependent on numbers attending and is not mandatory at this time.
  • All Lodge, Chapter and other Meetings will continue as normal until advised otherwise.
  • Members are reminded to regularly wash hands thoroughly as a matter of good practice.
  • At present it is not intended to re-instate the one-way system for entry and exit of the Hall.

Your cooperation and understanding and compliance with these protocols is much appreciated 

Yours Sincerely and Fraternally

Phil Nicholls  MBE
Provincial Grand Secretary  
Pr. Asst. G. Scribe Ezra 
Province of Bristol