A message from the Provincial Grand Master

“It’s a long way down – but you come back up.”

Brethren and Companions

Since we closed Freemasons’ Hall earlier in March, life has changed out of all recognition.  We are faced with new challenges on a daily basis: from shopping for essentials, to checking that our friends and family are safe, understanding how our Lodges and Chapters are to operate and ensuring that we all stay safe and well.  This letter will not assist with all of these challenges but may point to a path for those who are finding things difficult.

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50 Year Service Watch returns to the Province of Bristol

Francis Stephen (Frank) Creswell was initiated into Powell Lodge on 23 rd June 1941. He was installed as Worshipful Master in 1961 (Note: In those days even with natural progression it took  20 years to reach the Chair!). He became a founder member of Bristol Installed Masters Lodge in 1967 and was appointed Provincial Junior Grand Warden in 1976.

Frank was renowned for his distinctive booming voice as Lodge Chaplain and in delivering the Proclamation at Installation meetings. His experience as a chorister over many years at St Alban’s Church, Redland stood him in good stead to lead the singing of "The Sweet Nightingale” song at Lodge After Meetings. In 1991 the lodge presented Frank with a masonic gold watch to mark his 50 years in the Craft. Frank was still actively involved with the Lodge well into his nineties.

On his passing to the Grand Lodge Above at a Nursing Home in Almondsbury at the age of 98 in 1996, his personal effects, including his 50 Year watch, were passed to his brother in Hampshire. When he died the watch was passed on to his son, Peter – Frank’s nephew. Although not a mason himself he was anxious to learn of his Uncle Frank’s time and achievements in the Craft and in Powell Lodge and the Province of Bristol in particular.

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UGLE/MCF Covid-19 Community Initiative


Following the announcement of the Masonic Charitable Foundation and the United Grand Lodge of England to create a Corona Virus fund for Provinces to use to support community based initiatives, if any brother who has a project to support the community at this time or indeed a strong idea, they should get in touch with the Provincial Grand Master at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Some Provinces are providing tablets for those on isolation wards, some are funding the manufacture of scrubs, some are buying in masks etc. 

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Corona Update


Dear Brethren and Companions of the Province of Bristol

Last evening, we held an Emergency Crisis Committee meeting to discuss the impact of the Covid-19 virus on our activities. The committee looked at advice from UGLE, the Government and also applied a risk assessment based on the demographics of the membership in the Province. We formed the opinion that this a highly sensitive area for discussion with a large number of diverging views. However, in the light of the evidence under review and the potential risk to the lives of brethren, and their families, we have made the following determinations. Following that meeting, we are making the following statements and recommendations to Lodges and Chapters in the Province. These recommendations will be shared with the other Orders meeting in Freemasons’ Hall.

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Corona Advice

Brethren, I am sure that you will have already received huge amounts of information on the Corona Virus and this message is simply to offer two pieces of advice, for the benefit of us all.

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