Corona Advice

Brethren, You are no doubt aware that the Government's Cobra Committee met yesterday to review and advise on the on-going Coronavirus situation.  Additionally you should all have received an email today from the Grand Secretary, Dr David Staples, outlining UGLE's current recommendations.  The Province of Bristol are taking the matter very seriously with the welfare of our members being paramount.  As such a previously arranged meeting of it's own "Cobra" committee will be held on Monday, the outcome of which and any further recommendations will be advised to members of the Province on Tuesday.

Until then if you are feeling under the weather – stay at home and wait until you feel better and those over the age of 65 years old and those with hypertension, heart disease, lung disease or diabetes should not attend Lodge for the foreseeable future. Also please be extra vigilant in washing your hands. On arrival at Freemason’s Hall you should wash your hands – hot water and soap – and then repeat at least once more during the evening.  Hand sanitizer can also be used.

Thank you brethren.

Jonathan M W Davis
Provincial Grand Master

Eyes on Hands On

The DLBs are leading with a new initiative that is underway in the Bristol (South West) area and creating a team of volunteers in the Bristol Province that can work as part of a wider UK scheme. 

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60 Years a mason


At the Canynges Lodge meeting held on Saturday 7th December 2019 attended by The PGM for Bristol, The PGM for Somerset, The DPGM of Bristol, The two PDPGM’S of Bristol, The SGW of Bristol, The SGW of Gloucestershire and a number of Grand officers.

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