Freemasons Hall - Covid Protocols an update

Dear Brethren,

Following the removal of Covid restrictions by HM Government on the 19th of July 2021 and the guidance received from the United Grand Lodge of England, several Protocols were put in place by The Province of Bristol to be observed by everyone using Freemasons Hall, Bristol.

These protocols are intended to ensure the continuing safety and health of our members, guests and staff and they remain a priority. These measures are intended to allay any concerns that members may have, whilst encouraging them to visit Freemasons' Hall, Park Street, once again.
Initially the protocols were envisioned to remain in place until 30th September 2021, however, to ensure that the Executive Members of the Province of Bristol maintain their duty of care to everyone using the premises, these protocols will continue in their prese not format until the 31st of December and will be reviewed monthly thereafter .  

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Recently, Colin Lowther has joined Clark Iles, Chris Coleman and myself (Members of The St Nicholas Lodge) also Mike Whitworth (Robert Thorne Lodge) working for The Matthew Tree Project as volunteers....Since joining, Colin has taken on the responsibility as Allotment Coordinater and Chief Gardener for the Charity....The Allotment is situated at Talbot Road, Brislington, there are 190 Plots on the Council owned site and Colin has at least 10 of these in his care, including the contents of a very large walk through Polly Tunnel, which will need to be restocked  and maintained.

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A message from the Provincial Grand Master

“It’s a long way down – but you come back up.”

Brethren and Companions

Since we closed Freemasons’ Hall earlier in March, life has changed out of all recognition.  We are faced with new challenges on a daily basis: from shopping for essentials, to checking that our friends and family are safe, understanding how our Lodges and Chapters are to operate and ensuring that we all stay safe and well.  This letter will not assist with all of these challenges but may point to a path for those who are finding things difficult.

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