Royal Arch Masonry

The Holy Royal Arch is a stand-alone degree of Freemasonry which candidates are able to join four weeks after completing their third degree of Craft Masonry - It is often seen as an extension to the Craft. 

The teachings of the Royal Arch are based on the Old Testament, telling of the return to Jerusalem from the Babylonian captivity to rebuild the City and Temple. In clearing the ground of Solomon's Temple for the foundations of a new temple, the candidate makes important discoveries. 

The lessons learned from these discoveries, are appropriate to that stage in a candidate's Masonic development.  

Once exalted (initiated) into a Holy Royal Arch Chapter, a candidate becomes a Companion. 

As with the Craft Degrees, the Province of Bristol performs the ceremony different to anywhere else in the world, which encourages many companions from far and wide to visit and witness our unique Royal Arch workings. 

The main element of attraction is our ceremony called ‘passing the veils’, which is performed prior to a candidate entering the Chapter room and being exalted – a ceremony which is only actively performed in England by the Province of Bristol.      

Holy Royal Arch Chapters in the Province of Bristol

The Royal Clarence Chapter No. 68

The Beaufort Chapter No. 103

The Chapter of Charity No. 187

The Moira Chapter of Honour No. 326

The Jerusalem Chapter No. 686

The Whitson Chapter No. 2943

The Saint Augustine Chapter No. 3108 [History]

The Cabot Chapter No. 3884 

The Peace Chapter No. 3992

The Saint Paul Chapter No. 6400

The Temple Chapter No. 6673

The Bristol Installed First Principals Chapter No. 8168

The Matthew Chapter No. 9688

The Sportsmen's Chapter No. 9841